The Lobby of the hotel hosts our lounge bar, a meeting and enjoyment point for drinks, cocktails, coffees and drinks. The atmospheric environment of the bar offers espresso and cappuccino with a freshly blended scent and traditional Greek coffee baked with the mastery of our barista. Fresh juices, refreshing cocktails, fine aperitifs, fine wines, delicious cold dishes, delicious snacks and delicious sweets are some of the suggestions of the lounge bar. Our bar is the ideal meeting point for all hours!


A nice swimming pool at the hotel is always a great attraction for travelers. Who would not want to drink his coffee or drink by the pool? With the beginning of the summer the pool bar offers moments of coolness, combined with the unique enchanting natural landscape. It is a separate, modern area with comfortable sun loungers and incredibly amazing cocktails. The splendid atmosphere, impeccable service turn the place into summer paradise! It offers a sense of rejuvenation and invites guests to a refreshing experience accompanied by a music lounge.