The Book of Chora Estate is located on the slopes of Mount Athos, in Kokkinohori, Kavala. Its creators, the oenologists Vassilis Tsaktsarlis and Vangelis Gerovassiliou, installed there in 1998 a vineyard of organic farming, which today has an area of ​​350 acres. Inside the vineyard is the modern winery, which produces the wines of the Estate. His philosophy focuses on the production of fine wines, which bear the seal of the Pangaeus ecosystem and express its uniqueness. In order to achieve this goal, the cultivation in the vineyard and the vinification are done with special care, using the knowledge and experience and combining the tradition with the technology. Website: www.bibliachora.gr Distance from a hotel: 69 km


In 1989 Giorgos Manoleesakis began to cultivate in his own vineyards in Adrianis Drama, varieties that were perfectly cultivated in the microclimate of the region such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Assyrtiko, Ugni Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The enrichment of knowledge on wine growing is continuous. The aim of this effort is the highest possible quality grape. Like any living organism, grapes need to take care of each time of the year. That is why we, while respecting the orders of nature, take care of the best of our vines to give us their best fruit, which is the reward of our effort. The constant search leads to new crops of varieties such as: Malagousia, Moschato of Alexandria and Agiorgitiko. Website: www.manolesakis.gr Distance from a hotel: 8 km


On a total surface area of 15,000 m². and includes a standard architectural winery, distillery, underground aging cellars and reception areas, our Kostas, a work of life by Costas Lazaridis, has written since 1992 his own page on the wine-making tradition of our country. Website: www.domaine-lazaridi.gr Distance from a hotel: 8 km


The vision of Jordan Michaelides is the production of quality wines that express their place of production and the art of the winemaker with absolute respect for nature and man. Starting with low yield per hectare, which for all varieties does not exceed 600 kg / acre, continuing with rapid transfer of the grapes to the winery and winning with the help of modern wine making equipment under controlled temperature conditions, we ensure the lowest possible loading of the raw material. Our goal is to protect the organoleptic characteristics of wine grape varieties and to produce unique wines in a limited number of bottles. Website: www.domaine-michaelidi.gr Distance from a hotel: 6.5 km


You can tour the premises of our two wineries, Château Nico Lazaridi, in the Drama and Macedonian Market in Platanotopos, Kavala, our vineyards, our production areas and the Magic Mountain Art Gallery. You can find information about us and our products, about the process of producing and winning our wines, admiring important works of art, finding our distributors and access to our two wineries. You will also find information about our company’s news and all kinds of events inside and outside the company. Website: www.chateau-lazaridi.com Distance from a hotel: 11 km


Bakis Tsalkos is certainly better known than his creature, the Oenogenesis Estate. This is because the Oenologist of the estate, Nico Lazaridi, has been for many years, but also the creator of the so successful Magic Mountain. He has studied oenology in France, and in recent years he has been working with his own winery, Domaine Oenogenesis, in his native country, Doxato of Drama Website: http://www.oenogenesis.gr/ Distance from a hotel: 9 km


The people of “Wine Craft” share a constant enthusiasm for the production of quality wines. And this enthusiasm found his perfect expression in the creation of the vineyards and the winery of the estate at Mikrohori Dramas. The passion for perfection led to the birth of highly loved wines … Website: www.wineart.gr Distance from a hotel: 6 km


The Symeonidis Winery consists of a group of well-established oenologists and experts with passion and worship for quality wine. SIMEONIDIS Winery has its own vines, about 70 acres and many cooperating vineyards of almost all the region’s producers. With excellent raw material, with such a large number of vineyard farmers and loyal to the tradition of the place, wines are produced in a high quality. Website: www.simeonidiswinery.gr Distance from a hotel: 49 km


Pavlidis Estate is located in Kokkinogia Drama, at the foot of Mount Falakro, very close to the cave of Aggitis and Falakro Ski Resort. It was created in 1998 by Christoforos Pavlidis, who after a persistent search chose this area for the installation of the vineyard and its winery. Website: www.ktima-pavlidis.gr Distance from a hotel: 30 km


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